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Russian spy network operates actively in Europe

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Andrii Cherniak, representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, has stated that a Russian spy network continues operating actively in European countries.

Source: Cherniak in an interview with the Greek outlet Iefimerida; Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

Quote: “One of the Russians’ main goals is to make an impact on separate respected people in European countries and on public opinion. Therefore, the Russians put a lot into working with the media.

Those are both their open propaganda mouthpieces, such as Russia Today, and other more hidden methods of influence.

There are cases when journalists of foreign media outlets, recruited by the Russians, have the only purpose while doing their job – talking to their colleagues in order to change their mind to Russia’s benefit.”

Details: Cherniak has said that the Russian spy network has been focused on neutralising the supply routes of the Western weapons that the partners provide Ukraine with recently.

Quote: “Russia is interested in the entire Europe as ‘an influence zone’. If it conquers Ukraine, it will not stop there. It will go further. And we know that Putin had such plans before invading Ukraine. It is possible that they have not changed now.”

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