The News And Times: 8:28 AM 1/23/2021 – Trump paid for Capitol Riot

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8:28 AM 1/23/2021 – Trump paid for Capitol Riot

Trump paid for Capitol Riot


  1.  Michael Novakhov Retweeted

    Trump campaign had paid $2.7 million to organizers of rally ahead of Capitol riot: report 

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    Мы следим за сообщениями о протестных акциях в 38 российских городах. Были задержаны более 350 мирных протестующих и журналистов. США поддерживают право всех людей на мирные протесты, свободу выражения мнений. Меры российских властей направлены на подавление этих прав.

  3. Tweets by @mikenov – 7:57 AM 1/23/2021 – Lawyers for accused Capitol rioters outline a defense: The president made them do it 

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  4. 3:58 AM 1/23/2021 – White House Orders Assessment on Violent Extremism in US 

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    As dawn sweeps westwards across Russia and protesters and OMON get to do their thing, the q arises of just what constitutes ‘success’ for both and the Kremlin. An early morning thread 1/

  6. 10:38 AM 1/22/2021 – New COVID-19 Variants Are Different – What that Means for Us 

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  7. 8:50 AM 1/22/2021 – Tweets by @mikenov: Shaman says “that he was tricked by Trump” 

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